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Ceramic tile glue filling machine

2017-12-25 13:52

Power supply voltage: 220V + 5V 50/60hz
Power: 0.15 kw
Rated pressure: 0.4-0.9Mpa
Filling speed: 5-25 bottles per minute
Filling accuracy: plus or minus 1%
Loading capacity: 50-500g (customized according to customer's filling quantity)
Product size: 140*28*40cm
Weight: 45 kg
Order 3-5 working days
The seam an agent porcelain glue filling machine is custom-made according to paste filling technology and innovative products, its simple and reasonable structure, high precision, simple operation, humanized design more in line with the seam filling using glue.
Scope of application: dedicated to the us sealant decoration material industry.
The product can be customized according to customer demand, there are two kinds: single group and double component.
Filling machine structure is reasonable, model small, reliable performance, quantitative, accurate, convenient operation, the power part adopts pneumatic structure, this machine is through the cylinder to drive the piston component extraction and launch material, one-way valve is used to control the flow of material, at the same time to magnetic sensitive switch to control the cylinder to push the itinerary, to realize the adjustment of the filling quantity control.
This machine adopts the Taiwan yashan air cylinder and pneumatic components, the filling is accurate, durable. The material contact part is made of 304 stainless steel material, which conforms to the requirements of GMP certification. The filling quantity and filling speed can be adjusted according to the user's requirement. The real porcelain glue filling machine of the us can be tailored to the filling of the us sealant, and the targeted implementation of the product can be filled! The machine is well received by customers and widely used.

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