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Food Rolling stirring machine

2017-12-25 13:54


Volume: 1000L 
Dimensions 1980 * 1020 * 1550 (mm)
Net weight 600 (kg)
Voltage 380 (V)
Power 3.75 (kw)
Rolling machine is the use of physical impact of the principle of the meat in the drum up and down flip, hit each other, beat, to massage, pickled effect.
The kneading machine can make the meat evenly absorb pickled, can improve the kneading strength of the meat and the elasticity of the product; can improve the product's taste and cross-section effect; can enhance the water retention, increase the yield; can improve the internal structure of the product, energy efficient. The machine is made of stainless steel, compact structure, the two ends of the drum are used spinning cap structure, the largest increase in the drum within the beat space, so that the effect of rolling kneading products uniform, low noise, reliable performance, easy operation, the use of more efficient high.

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