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618 High precision labeling machine

2017-12-26 17:10

Accuracy of labeling: + 0.2mm (excluding products and label errors);
Label speed: 25 ~ 35 pieces/min (related to product size);
Applicable product size: length: 20mm ~ 200mm; Width: 20mm ~ 180mm; Height: 0.2mm ~ 75mm;
Applicable label size: length: 10mm ~ 70mm; Width (bottom paper width) : 5mm ~ 70mm;
Machine size: about 590mm x 420mm x 780mm (long x width x height);
Power supply: 220V/ 50HZ;
Total weight: about 41Kg.
Applicable tags inside diameter: Ø label outside diameter suitable for 76 mm: Ø 240 mm


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