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automatic strapping machine for carton box

2017-12-26 10:41
== Product introduction
This machine is widely used in food, medicine, hardware and other industries carton packaging, paper, packaging and other goods size of the automatic packing banding.
1, automatic strapping machine, not artificial thrust belt, high efficiency, low labor intensity;
2, excellent packing force, low malfunction, easy maintenance;
3, packing machine parts are all precisely processed by CNC machine tool;
4, package, soft, durable sex is outstanding, perfect packaging function;
5, after the packaging machine stop immediately, save electricity and practical.

== Product parameter
Model YSKZ
Min Strapping products  100×30mm
Max Strapping products  850×600mm
Max strapping power  80kg
Strapping speed 2.3Sec./time
PP Strap width 9-18mm
Thickness of pp tape 0.5-1.0mm
Power supply 110V/220V(50/60HZ) 220V/380V(50/60HZ)
Drive motor  380v ,500w
Volume  1412×600×1540mm
Height of arch  850 mm
Weight  215 kg 

== Working effect

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